Ainm: A Journal of Name Studies

Ainm is a unique journal devoted to the study of Irish place-names and personal names. Articles are published in Irish or English. Copies of the journal are distributed free of charge to members of the Society Additional copies and back issues, where available, are charged as follows:

 ·       £10  / €14 to individual members of UPNS (inclusive of P&P)

·       £15  / €20 to institutions which have membership of UPNS (inclusive of P&P)

 Non-members are charged at double the rate of members + P&P

 ·       £20  / €28  to individual non-members  (+ P&P)

·       £30  / €40 to non-member institutions  (+ P&P)

 To buy an issue, please contact the Society using the e-mail address below.