Parish Name Project

In 2017 the Place-name Society was asked to help the Parish Names Project of the Church of Ireland, which provides an Irish version for every parish in Ireland. The parish names in the lists are as supplied by the Representative Church Body and may vary slightly from other local forms. The dioceses which are in Ulster are included here.

How the Irish language versions were chosen:

The main sources of the Irish versions are and However in some cases, versions were provided or confirmed by Patrick McKay and Kay Muhr (of UPNS) as well as Donncha Ó Baoill (of the Placenames Committee), Niall Comer (independent researcher) and Conchubhar Ó Crualaíoch (of the Placenames Branch), to whom we are indebted. In many cases townland names as used to provide an Irish language version of a name in the English language. In some cases the name of a district was required by RCP, for example Bloomfield in East Belfast. In these cases was used.

We have adhered to the forms used in local dialects, for example Ballycarry is given as Baile Caraidh (‘settlement of the weir’) as caraidh was the word for weir in Antrim Irish; although gives a standardised Irish form Baile Cora